Marla Kelly - What is at rest is easily managed...The Tao
     It is a wonderful & awe inspiring privilege to be present for the beginning of a brand new life's story. Helping with a woman's labor is something I love to do. I took my training in 2009 at Douglas College & have fallen in love with each baby I have been introduced to. The mothers & partners who have invited me to embark on their journey to parenthood with them, never cease to amaze me with their joy, gratitude, hard work & bravery as they face delivering their most creative project into the world. I am able to attend both home & hospital deliveries & love to coach & help equip women throughout the pregnancy. I enjoy working alongside moms to be & their partners, or sharing with an expectant mother who is on her own. I have found a beauty in the development of relationships as the time draws near to birth, that brings with it a trust that can then withstand the challenges labor may offer. It is always a joyous moment when baby enters this realm to be welcomed by their family. My services begin typically at approximately 16 weeks & continues with check ins through out the pregnancy. I will be available to attend labor & touch base with you postpartum. For more information or to book an appointment, please don't hesitate to contact me.